About Jim

Jim Roof (ASMP, AIAP, IAAP) has been photographing architecture and interiors for over 30 years. He works out of Atlanta, Georgia and accepts assignments throughout the United States and the World.  

Jim's work has received critical acclaim from both his clients and other photographers. He has a rich history in other artistic disciplines, including having been a competition-winning concert pianist when in his early 20's. Now in his 50's, he draws upon what he discovered in music to inspire him to create photographs that exhibit the same attention to detail and awareness of form that are the keys to success in all the arts. His exquisite use of light to bring out texture and shape within the greater context of thoughtful and balanced composition sets his work apart. Jim's down-to-earth work ethic and friendly nature make the process of photography nothing short of a joy for himself and his clients. 

Jim started his career shooting large format film and has recently made a highly successful transition to digital photography. His images still have the look and feel of film but with the convenience and unique problem solving capabilities of modern digital technology.